Make Wine & Make Beer , How to Make Wine & beer with Charles at Fermentations!

Imagine, glorious wine (your favourite kind, of course) graces the tables at your wedding reception. As your guests are seated they can’t help but admire the beautiful, custom-designed labels on each bottle. They can’t wait to taste the wine you’ve carefully selected for them. Can’t you see their smiling faces as they raise a glass to you, the happy couple? It can all be yours, with a little help from Fermentations.We’ll work with you to help you choose the perfect wine for your special day

Perhaps a lovely naked unoaked California Chardonnay for your dinner service, or a rich red Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon if roast beef is on your menu.Toast the bride and groom with a dry sparkling Grenache Rose. And of course, to finish, sip a delicately charming ice wine with dessert, made from crushed frozen grapes from the Niagara region. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all this and save some money to pay for some other expense or just remain in your bank account for a change? Making your wines and other beverages with Fermentations will cost you half the price or less of the regular commercial choices.

Looking for that perfect takeaway gift for your guests? Give your guests a memento of your special occasion- a gift they’ll truly appreciate: a bottle of your own special wine to take home and enjoy.We’ll help you design and print a beautiful, colour label with your photo and your special message to your wedding guests. Ask them to open the wine a year later when it’s improved with age and they can all celebrate your first anniversary, wherever they are on that date.Don’t forget about our beers, ciders, and meads. We have plenty of options for people who would like to drink unique and high quality beverages at their wedding reception, wedding rehearsal, birthday party, anniversary celebration, or sports team finale and still save some money for more important things. You can even work with us and come up with a custom beverage just for the occasion.

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