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How much work is involved in making beer and wine?

Making your selection from our extensive list of ingredients, creating a custom flavour or asking for a clone of your favourite beer is the only task on your hands! Our staff does the rest. Beer takes just 2 weeks to ferment, so we recommend you book your bottling as close to the due date as possible. The Fermentations team keeps a close eye on your wort, making sure it ferments properly.

Call us at 416-778-9000 to reserve a brewing time, and we’ll have everything ready and waiting for you. Making a batch of your own microbrewery quality beer is really quite simple. And of course, we are always there to help you every step of the way, and answer questions that you may have.

Making your own high quality wine is easy at Fermentations. You can even make your own wine from real grapes without any mess on your bare feet! All you have to do is choose the fresh juice or fresh grapes for the type of wine you want to make. We’ll help you put the juice into a fermenting container, and we do the rest. Your wine will be ready for bottling in about eight weeks, and in the meantime we’ll keep a close eye on your wine, making sure it ferments properly.

If you choose to make wine from fresh grapes in the fall (Niagara and California grapes) or the spring (Chilean grapes) it takes us three to four months to ferment and process your wine for bottling. At Fermentations we use only high quality juice or real grapes – never oversugared concentrates watered down to make our wine, because that’s the way Mother Nature intended wine to be made!

What kind of wine and beer can I make?

At Fermentations you can make just about any kind of beer or wine imaginable. Whatever your taste, we can help you create a special blend that’s just right for you.  We can even make all of our beers as gluten free options! Beer is customizable, and yes, wine is just as customizable as beer!

We offer more than 100 different wines. Will that be an naked Chardonnay for early enjoyment? A big fat Cabernet Sauvignon for long term aging? Which country would you like your grapes to come from? Choices? In life, you can never have too many!

We also offer over 35 different styles of beer on our regular menu, from light, thirst-quenching lagers, to English pale ales and bitters, to Czech style pilsners, rich stouts, and more! We are not limited to those recipes by any means. Something special you’re looking for? We can clone most commercial brews or get very close. We can also brew beers that don’t even exist in the market – only in your imaginations. Just ask!

What about bottling? How does that work?

For beer, you come back to Fermentations after two weeks and bottle your beer. When you call ahead for a reservation we’ll have your beer ready and waiting in a carbonation container, ready to be bottled. You can bring your own bottles, or buy them from us the first time. (We sell 1/2 litre and 1 litre plastic, reusable bottles with screw-on plastic, reusable caps.) You’ll have to rinse your used bottles with an iodine solution (which we provide) so they’re sterilized, then you’re ready to go. Bottling takes about one hour per batch.

Bottling your wine is a similar process. You bring your own wine bottles, or we can provide them. Used bottles need to be rinsed and sterilized. You can fill the bottles quickly and easily with our new automatic bottler (four at a time if you’re feeling ambitious). Then we’ll show you how to use our instant automatic corker (of course you don’t want screw-on caps for your wine!). You can put decorative “shrink-wraps” on the the top of your bottles for that professional look at no extra charge. If you like, we can even make custom labels for your wine bottles.

How long before I can drink my beer or wine?

Your beer is ready to be consumed as soon as it’s in your bottles though we ask that you wait til you get home! Most beer does not need to be aged. Beer is generally at it’s best when it’s fresh and made from high quality ingredients (like ours), although our customers often tell us the taste of their beer improves even more over the first week or so.

Wine, especially red wine, as you probably know, gets better as it ages, so the longer you wait to consume it, the better it will be, however, some of our wines are specially blended to be potable after only a few weeks. The type of wine you can make on any given day is subject to what juices and grapes are in season and available, so drop by the store and talk to Charles and he’ll answer all your questions.

How much does it cost?

Our prices depend on the type of beer or wine you’re making. A 23 litre batch of beer is approximately $79.00 to start (or close to a buck a beer). Wines made from fresh juice range from $186.50 to $211.50 per batch (30 bottles), depending on the type of wine. Our Grapemasters l wine made directly from fresh grapes range in price from $190 to $220 per batch (26 bottles). See our wine, champagne, coolers, mead and beer pages for more information.

What kind of beer and wine can I make?

Check out our beer and wine pages for details, or visit the store and peruse our recipe books. All you need to do is tell us what kind of beer you like to drink, and we’ll help you make your own batch. Wine is just as customizable, because we shop the world for fresh juices and real grapes to make your wine. Ask us for more information.

How many bottles does a batch of beer and wine make?

We ferment 23 liters, the equivalent of two and half cases of beer (66 standard 341 mL bottles) from the Beer Store. The number of bottles you end up with, of course, depends on how big your bottles are. A batch of wine usually results in 26-30 bottles (750 mL).

How/where should I store my bottles?

Your beer should be kept in a cool, dark place. A fridge is best for long term storage.  Wine should be stored on its side, also in a cool, dark place such as a wine cellar.

Don’t forget to give your empty bottles a quick rinse, then put them aside without a cap (they can also be reused) and bring them back to sterilize and reuse on your next visit to Fermentations.

What else can I make at Fermentations?

As if making the best wine and beer in Toronto wasn’t already good enough, at Fermentations you can also make apple and other fruit ciders and wine coolers. We have many different styles of apple cider and we also offer pear, cherry and cranberry ciders, among other choices. Ciders, like most things at Fermentations, can sweetened to your taste- dry and crisp, or sweet and fruity, and everything in between. Coolers are available in many different flavors. Some of the most popular ones are Hard Lemon, Tropical, Pink Grapefruit, and Raspberry. Got another favorite? Just ask! We can do custom flavours.

A batch of perry or cider or wine cooler produces the same volume as,a batch of  beer. You have to bottle it yourself, just like beer and wine, but the good news is you can drink it right away. No aging is required! So go ahead and fire up that barbeque!

We also make fabulous meads from fragrant Ontario wildflower honey direct from the farmer. You can make a traditional still wine, a sparking mead, a refreshing mead cooler, or even a succulent honey ice wine. All of these options can be also be made with a natural fruit accent such as black currant, cherry, raspberry, or orange.

As if that’s not enough, we also make a range of sparkling wines (AKA Champagnes or Frizzante) that are more affordable but just as tasty as a commercial bottle of your favourite bubbly.


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