Make Wine & Make Beer , How to Make Wine & beer with Charles at Fermentations!

Nothing is more thirst quenching than a fantastic cider.  and with a great assortment of ciders to choose from, you are sure to find many that will extinguish your thirst.

Prince Edward County:  Canadian style 5% cider that is round, fruity and delightful.  Dry or sweet.  $99.00

Crossbow Cider: English Cider – fruitier and rounder–i.e. Strongbow . 5%. $104.00 

English Rose:  Another British style cider, 6%, with a nice appley crispness. $109.00

French Kiss:  This 7% Breton style cider is flavored with cassis, giving it a beautiful pink hue and a delicious nose.  $114.00.

1066: This 7% Normandy style cider is dry and crisp- the perfect thirst quencher $114.00

Perry: All pears with a beautiful nose. This is the pear cider you’ve been looking for. 5%. $109.00 

Melomel:  a fantastic marriage of local apples and honey, fermented together, and sweetened with a touch of honey.  Pagan and yummy all in one.  $114.00

Passion Fruit Cider:  Fantastic passion fruit aromas blend perfectly with the refreshing character of apples, with a quenching dry finish.  $115.00

Pomegranate Cider: Exceptional balance of tart and  sweet for a delicious refreshing libation.  $115.00

Mead Cooler:  Think floral aromas, and notes of honey in a sparkling cooler.  Want it flavored?  Choose from lots of options including my favorite, black currant.

Mead wine:  a great batch of mead 12% strong, a drink your inner Scottish pagan would love!

Mead Ice Wine:  a 4 Litre batch of unctuous, sweet, intensely aromatic wine made from only the finest honey produced by Canadian bees!


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