Make Wine & Make Beer , How to Make Wine & beer with Charles at Fermentations!

First visit to brew great craft beer? Tell us and save $10.00 off your first batch!

Making beer at Fermentations is fast, fun, easy and guaranteed. Choose from over 100 recipies to make the most delicious lagers, bitters, pale ales, stouts, belgians, wheat beer and more!

The beer you brew at Fermentations is made from full grain mash, with no messy syrups and sugars. Additive free and without preservatives, all the beer you brew at Fermentations is craft beer calibre, and all recipes can be customised as well. At Fermentations, you truly are your won brewmaster.

Love a particular commercial beer? Travelled somewhere and had a fantastic craft beer? Ask us and we will help you brew a great clone of your favorites!
A single batch of beer is approximately 65 standard 341 mL bottles).
Throughout the year, we update our list with special seasonal offerings, or you can always work with us to create your own custom brew – just ask us.

Want to learn more about beer and brewing? Ask us about our Beer School.


SOURS ($109 each)

“Flemish” Red
Oud Bruin
Jam Queen
Berliner Weisse
Sour Saison
Taylor Kriek
Elderflower Gose

German Bier

Helles $88
Pils $88
Dortmunder $90
Oktoberfest $92
Munich Dunkel $92
Schwarzbier $92
Hefeweizen $97
Dunkelweizen $97
Altbier $92
Kölsch $90

Belgian Ales

Blonde $96
Bruin $96
Dubbel $102
Tripel $112
Wit $96
Saison $102


Classic Pale Ale $83
Fuggles Pale Ale $86
Roast Pale Ale $88
Cascade Pale Ale $91
Redwood Pale Ale $93
Apex IPA $99
Sequoia IPA $102
Pinnacle IPA $110
24 Sussex Ale $81
Leaside Cream Ale $81
Groucho K Marx Red $82
Ordinary Bitter $82
Special Bitter $86
Malternative Facts $92
Beaches Brown $80
Double Scotch $100


Danforth Lager $79
Dutch Lager $84
More Cream $90
Continental Lager $83
Vienna Lager $88
Glen’s Cascade Common $84
Rexdale Red Lager $93
Bohemian Pilsner $88
Extreme Pilsner $94
Prohibition Pils $92
Pre Prohibition Pils $94

Porter and Stout

Brown Porter $90
Transporter Room 3 $92
Coffee Porter $95
Oatmeal Stout $89
Coconut Stout $93


North American Wheat $81
Raspberry Wheat $88
Belgian Wit $96
Hefeweitzen $97
Dunkleweitzen $97

Beer Art- from realism to abstract

Red Wine Barrel Brown (de predikers vat) $99
25th Anniversary Helles Bock $109
25th Aniversary E.S.B. $109
Wh(ite) Pale Ale $104
Honey Pale Ale $95


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