Fermentations! has been Toronto’s best place to make wine since 1993.  We love what we drink, and make sure that every batch reflects our exacting standards.  In fact, in blind tastings, wines made at Fermentations! have outscored commercial wines retailing at over three times the cost!

We rely on top quality ingredients and processes, not budget wine kits because great wine requires quality ingredients and superior methods.  Over the years we have won numerous Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in competitions run by the Wine Judges of Canada  as well as at the largest American wine competition, with over 3000 entries!  We have been voted the best place to make wine in Toronto multiple times as well.

We are Toronto’s only store to use Grapemasters grapes, yes, real grapes for winemaking. Find our more about Grapemasters hereWe also offer a great assortment of wines made from juices, giving you lots of opportunity to customise your wine by selecting from a wide range of juices, with options to add real grape skins to your reds, oak your wines the way you like, and more!


Our Wines

QA Gold:  Smooth, aromatic wines made in 8 weeks. $192.00 (30 bottles).

Demeter:  Everything the QA Gold wines are, but even richer, and fuller bodied, and still turned around in a mere 8 weeks.  $212.00 (30 bottles).

Want to boost your reds to the next level?  Ask about extra oak, and even adding 5 pounds of real grape skins to your reds for only an additional $10.00.  Give your wines greater depth of flavour and character, yet still get them done in 8 weeks!

QA Wine Varieties:

Barolo Aligote
Bordeaux Rouge Bordeaux Blanc
Cabernet Merlot Chardonnay
Cabernet Franc Chenin Blanc
Cabernet Sauvignon Gewurztraminer
Cabernet Shiraz Muscat
Chianti Muscadelle
Gamay Pinot Blanc
Malbec Pinot Gris
Merlot Riesling
Montepulciano Sauvignon Blanc
Pinot Noir Soave
Shiraz Trebianno
Valpolicella Tokai
Zinfandel And more!

Grapemasters: Our top of the line seasonal wines made directly from imported or local grapes (Spain, Chile, Niagara).. It takes 4-5 months for us to do our work.  These wines have beaten out $20-$30 bottles from the LCBO in blind tasting competitions!  Ask for our current menu of selections.

Whites – Single 26 bottles ($185-$210), Triple 72 bottles ($495-$560)

Reds – Single 26 bottles ($220), Triple 72 bottles ($590)


201 Danforth Avenue Toronto Ontario M4K 1N2



Tuesday – Friday: 11:00am – 8:00pm Saturday: 11:00am – 5:00pm

drink well, spend less!




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