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Make beer in Toronto that rivals and surpasses top craft beers!   Thirsting for splendid ciders and coolers?  Amazing wines?

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Our Beer Of The Month, to celebrate late patio season, is Apfelwit, a Belgian wheat beer infused with apple.   Find out more here

Love wine? We go to the ends of the earth to make world class wines. In just 8 short weeks, you can be enjoying your own perfect bottles.  OK..maybe not the end of the world, but at least Spain, Chile and Niagara.  We import over 40 tons of exceptional grapes, yes real grapes, for your winemaking.


Now available: a great new photo essay on the grapes of Spain. We were recently there supervising our exciting Spanish grape harvest. Get yours here


How great were the wines clients made from our Spanish and Niagara grapes?   Check out this video of us pressing Merlot and Tempranillo grapes from Spain!  

  With limited quantities coming in - it's always first come, first served.  Wines made from these grapes from previous vintages have bested $20 plus wines in expert blind taste tests, so come and make your own with us. You will always

Drink Well, and Spend Less at Fermentations!  

When CTV News wanted an expert opinion about President Obama's recent attempt at brewing beer at the White House, they called us.  Click here for the interview.  And remember, you can brew Obama's White House Honey Ale and Honey Porter with us (or just about any other custom beer you desire)!

Looking for gluten free options?  We are on the verge of launching our own tasty gluten free beers.  Sign up for our newsletter (scroll down to the sign up box) to stay up to date. Enjoy our always gluten free fruit ciders until we perfect our special new beer recipes.


Call us at 416 778 9000 to find out more, or to book your batches!

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Fast, fun, easy and guaranteed! That's what you'll find when visiting Fermentations!

Operating since 1993, Fermentations has been featured in The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Breakfast Television, City Pulse 24, and TV Ontario. Even Richard Best, member of the Wine Writer's Circle of Canada and author of The Frugal Oenophile newsletter, appreciates Fermentations. Why? Just look at our credentials: Certified Master Vintner, Wine Judges Commission of Canada, and winner of numerous national awards.

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It's So Easy

1. Come in to the store and let us help you select your fermentable beverage of choice. While you're here you will pitch the yeast and we can set up a bottling appointment depending on how long your order will take.

2. Come in to the store to bottle your order! Bring your own bottles or buy ours. Please note bottling is by appointment only.

3. Enjoy!