Love the wines of Chile?  Delicious Malbec and Carmenere grapes- real grapes for winemaking are making their way !  Big juicy reds that rival $20-$30 bottles of wine, but for a fraction of the cost.  Big fat Cabernet Sauvignon  traditional Bordeaux blends, the wines of the South Coast of France, all here and waiting for you from excellent Chilean and Spanish grapes, both red and white!  Make them all using the services of a Master Winemaker (Wine Judges Of Canada)

Operating since 1993, Fermentations has been featured in The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Breakfast Television, City Pulse 24, and TV Ontario. Even Richard Best, member of the Wine Writer’s Circle of Canada and author of The Frugal Oenophile newsletter, appreciates Fermentations. Why? Just look at our credentials: Certified Master Vintner, Wine Judges Commission of Canada, and winner of numerous national awards.

Now available: a great new photo essay on the grapes of Spain. We were recently there supervising our exciting Spanish grape harvest. Get yours here

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Love beer?  Want to drink well and spend less?  Check out over 100 craft beer caliber recipes for every imaginable beer style- lagers, pilsners, pale ales and bitters, stouts, belgians and more.  We can even help you perfect your own recipe!

Looking for gluten free options? We have launched our own tasty gluten free beers. They taste as perfect as any craft beer because they are real beer- just with the gluten removed!  Sign up for our newsletter (send us a message below) to stay up to date. Enjoy our always gluten free fruit ciders as well!

It’s so easy!

  • Come in to the store and let us help you select your fermentable beverage of choice. While you’re here you will pitch the yeast and we can set up a bottling appointment depending on how long your order will take.
  • Come in to the store to bottle your order! Bring your own bottles or buy ours. Please note bottling is by appointment only.
  • Enjoy!

Fast, fun, easy and guaranteed! That’s what you’ll find when visiting Fermentations!

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